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Personal Training

1-On-1 support to reach your goals

Become a Fitness Model

Or Just Look Like One

Are you ready to transform your body and your life? Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your health, or just feel more confident and energetic?

Our personal trainers are more than just coaches. They are your motivator, your guide, and your friend. They will design a fun (yes, fun!), customized workout plan for you, based on your fitness level, preferences, and needs.

They will monitor your progress, provide feedback, and adjust your plan as you progress. You will learn proper form and technique, prevent injuries, and will be challenged to push yourself.

Our trainers will inspire you to stay committed and consistent with your fitness journey. They will celebrate your successes, support you through your struggles, and keep you accountable and motivated. No matter your goals, we have the perfect personal trainer for you!

Your No-Cost Consultation Includes:

  • 1-Hour with a Personal Trainer to Discuss Your Goals & Get Your Questions Answered
  • Suggestions on What to Do to Meet Your Fitness Goals
  • Body Movement Screening
  • Body Composition Profile
  • Daily 4-Week "High Protein, Low Carb" Meal Plan - Includes High Protein Recipe Bundle & Directions

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Each Fit24 Personal Training Program Includes:

  • 1-on-1 Support & Guidance by Nationally Certified Trainers
  • Custom Designed Program Specific to You & Your Goals
  • Monthly Body Composition Measurements
  • Custom Workout App to Record Your Workouts, Nutrition, & Progress
  • Nutrition Consulting

Book Your No-Cost consultation

Use the calendar below to book your pressure-free consultation. If you’d like to get started with personal training, you can begin after the consultation. If now is not the right time, that is completely fine and you will still leave our session with the right tools to achieve your goals.

Meet Our Trainers

Professionally Trained & Nationally Certified

Personal Trainer

Gabe Tull

Hello & welcome to train with Gabe, where I am completely committed to your success. If you are looking to be more confident in and out of the gym, have a wedding to attend, want to build muscles, lose weight, increase your strength post-surgery, or just improve your overall health & fitness, I’d be thrilled to help you.

Personal Trainer

Yaya Torres

Yaya is a nationally certified personal trainer and exercise class coordinator. She specializes in weight loss, strength training, group classes, and living a healthy and active lifestyle. Hablo español. 

Bootcamp Instructor

Alicia Vanderpool

Alicia is a vibrant fitness enthusiast dedicated to inspiring others on their wellness journey. As a passionate bootcamp instructor at Fit24 Gym, she brings energy and motivation to every class, empowering her participants to push past their limits and achieve their fitness goals.