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You’re not going to find a gym with people more dedicated to helping you achieve your personal best – this place is amazing!
Carolyn House

If you are tired of a large-chained gym and prefer a gym that is intimately-sized, yet spacious, with a friendly and motivating staff, I would recommend giving Fit24 a try! It is the nicest gym I have been in.

Susan Summa

Gym is clean and they have all the necessary equipment for a great workout. Staff is friendly and no crowds. 24 hr access and exercise classes available.
Zoe Rafols

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Ronald Rondon
17:57 27 Mar 24
sean nagel
21:43 14 Feb 24
This is my 30 day story.The new year came, and I realized I was getting close to 32, eating McDonald's twice a day, drinking soda and giving up on life. I thought my low energy and quality a life was due to getting older, and I thought I'd never be who I was years ago.I saw the advertisement for Fit24 and decided to give them call. What was the worst that could happen? I was already spending $30 a month on junk food and processed foods, The least I could do was try it out.The person who answered was the gym owner Kevin. Immediately I felt a comforting feel as he was polite, well spoken and knowledgeable. He made my sign up process very easy and my journey began. My first day at the gym I decided to be social and ask Kevin some general questions about what to eat and how to begin this process.Kevin gave me information on processed sugars and carbohydrates, informing me of all the toxins and poison I've been ingesting the past 10 years. My jaw dropped and my mind was awake. I decided to go after that workout and buy myself some ground beef and steak. Promising myself I would try this new diet and workout routineWell, fast forward just 30 simple days, a months time, I have fully recovered from my mind to my body and energy. My brain fog is gone, I have clear conscious thoughts and my eyes and skin have started to glow again. My hormones are balancing back out and my libido has come back in full strength.Joining this gym, making that one phone call, meeting these individuals who truly care about life was the best thing I ever did. That one conversation with Kevin changed my life and I only write this with hopes to inspire others who have lost themselves and feel the weight of the world on them. It does get better, it just takes a few choices and decisions to kick start these great new habits.Make the call, join the gym. Experience this for yourself. $30 a month, access 24 hours a day and join a good community of people who will make you feel welcomed and comfortable as you take on your own journey..Humbly, Sean.
Barbie Batista
16:00 14 Feb 24
Margish Kotadiya
00:19 31 Jan 24
Andy McNair
23:34 29 Jan 24
Clean, nice facility, friendly staff. They have a day pass option that is great for out of towners.
Life isGreat
19:35 25 Jan 24
Kevin and his wife are very down to earth and their vibes are balanced. I meet with Kevin today and he is helping me get back on track with my fitness journey. I love the fact that he took the time to break everything down for me instead of rushing me through stuff like others have done in the past. He is 100 percent dedicated to helping others with their goals. The environment of the gym is friendly and I felt no negative vibes like I have at other gyms. I highly recommend checking Fit24 out.
Ben Patterson
15:41 30 Dec 23
Excellent gym, all the necessary equipment is available. The gym owners and staff are very nice and accommodating. The atmosphere is superior to all the commercial gyms. Exactly what I was looking for in a gym. Highly recommend to anybody looking for a good location to get a good workout in.
Desiree Desjardin
21:41 28 Nov 23
I love this gym! It’s not over crowded like those other big-box gyms around town. Kevin and Stephanie are the owners and are super kind. Their prices are affordable and they have many group classes if you like that. I recommend this gym to anyone looking for a nice community to work out with!
mariah coleman
15:10 30 Aug 23
Literally my favorite gym. It’s nice going somewhere that’s not overcrowded and it’s like a second home. Kevin and his wife make sure everyone is taken care of and they go above and beyond for each and every member. Also compared to the fitness chains (LA, planet,etc…) they don’t have the annual fees and the extra charges. You pay the one price for your membership. No unknown charges or anything! Great environment and great staff.
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