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About Gabe

Certified Personal Trainer

Embark on your fitness journey in the Carrollwood, Lutz, Westchase, and Northdale areas with Gabe’s expertise. When you train with Gabe, you’ll discover not just a personal trainer but a passionate fitness mentor with decades of experience. Gabe crafts customized workout regimens that transcend ordinary routines. His unique methodology is finely tuned to meet your individual fitness aspirations, guaranteeing safe and impactful sessions.

Gabe’s philosophy centers on understanding and addressing the intricacies of your physique & health. Merging cutting-edge strategies with time-honored techniques, he ensures standout results. Whether you’re looking to bolster strength post-surgery, boost stamina, or attain holistic wellness, Gabe’s expert guidance is the gateway to your goals.

At Fit24, Gabe dedicates himself to your comprehensive well-being. He provides more than exercise; he shares invaluable insights on nutrition and lifestyle habits that elevate your fitness journey. Connect with Gabe today to start a tailored fitness journey with a trainer who champions your success.


  • CPR
  • AED

Bodybuilding Bio

  • 1992 S.B. Muscle Classic (Overall Winner)
  • 1992 Mr. LA (Overall Winner)
  • 1994 Mr. OC (Overall Winner)
  • 1994 Mr. CA (Second Place)
  • 1996 Iron Man Champion (Overall Winner)
pamela orellana
I came to Gabe to learn toning exercises after a significant weight loss, but he has helped me address all of the components of my physical health and nutritional needs. Because this is all so new to me, I truly appreciate Gabe's patience as I embrace this new lifestyle.
Wendy S
I highly recommend Gabe, he is professional, encouraging and an extremely well educated trainer. The workouts are challenging and Gabe keeps me motivated the whole time. I look forward to reaching my health and fitness goals with Gabe’s help and direction. If you’re looking for a skilled trainer who not only communicates effectively when it comes to personal fitness but also listens to your concerns and the needs of your body look no further.
Deanna Stinsman
If you're looking to achieve your fitness goals and transform your lifestyle, look no further than Gabe at Train with Gabe. From the moment I started working with him, I knew I was in good hands. Gabe is not just a personal trainer – he's a dedicated partner on your fitness journey. He takes the time to listen to your individual needs and goals, crafting personalized workout plans that are tailored to your unique strengths and challenges. Whether you're aiming to lose weight, build muscle, or improve overall fitness, Gabe has the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed. What truly sets Gabe apart is his holistic approach to fitness. Not only does he focus on exercise, but he also understands the importance of nutrition in achieving optimal results. He's willing to work with you to develop a nutrition plan that complements your workouts, ensuring that you're fueling your body for success. In addition to his expertise, Gabe is the epitome of professionalism. He's punctual, organized, and always brings a positive attitude to every session. His encouragement and support have been invaluable to me as I am still going through my fitness journey. Overall, I can't recommend Gabe highly enough. If you're ready to take your fitness to the next level and achieve results, Train with Gabe is the right choice. You won't regret it!
Susana W
Focused, professional, and understands when a client says “push /challenge me”. An absolute delight to work with His guidance of just minor tweaks make each move count. Exactly what I needed. A true trainer that knows his stuff.
Lex Luby
“Train with Gabe!” I feel fortunate to be able to say, “I found my trainer!” I came to Gabe wanting to be a better version of me. He had the ability to articulate & convey thru his knowledge, energy & experience, that I could do that and more. It also helped to visually see that he leads by being an enthusiastic example of healthy fitness. I, highly recommend, If you want to mentally & physically be the best version of you, “Train with Gabe!”
Russ Ward
I lost 12 pounds in less than two weeks working out with Gabe! I started working with Gabe after reading some of his reviews and realizing he wasn't just a great trainer but also a person who really cares about his clients. I found that to be true. From day one Gabe listened to my fitness goals and helped me come up with a plan to achieve them. He helped me learn the proper way to do each exercise for maximum benefit and my own safety. Gabe is also extremely motivational. He's always pushing you right to your limit while also cheering you on as you go. And, as I mentioned at the beginning, I lost 12 pounds in less than two weeks by working out with Gabe three times a week, doing some light cardio on the days I didn't work out with him and eating as he recommended. I really didn't know what to expect when working with a trainer but Gabe has greatly exceeded my expectations. He's also just a really nice person. I appreciate everything he has done to help me and highly recommend him!
Adam King
Professional and Extremely knowledgeable I have been training for 25 years and since I began training with Gabe , it has taken my game to a new level. If you’re looking for somebody to hurt you in all the right places and help you push past plateaus and mental road blocks, Gabe is your guy!
Gabe is the perfect trainer for any level of physical fitness. If you’re just beginning your journey to a better you, or getting ready for an IFBB show. Dedicated and knowledgeable, cannot give a higher recommendation.
Javier Santiago
Gabe is really a master at his craft... if you are looking for sustainable results and willing to put in the work, then this MARINE veteran is your guy... Semper Fi....
Veena Madas
Gabe is a wonderful trainer, kept me motivated and accountable through out my fitness Journey. Gabe created a personalized workout regimen improving my endurance. I would recommend him strongly to my friends and family.

Jamie Ambler

A year ago after my competition, I asked Gabe what he thought of my physique. After looking at my contest pics he said, “you need legs, Jamie!” If you know Gabe, he doesn’t say much but legs are what we focused on for the last year and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.
Thank you, Gabe!

Sean Mehegan

I never thought that I would look like this again, but thanks to Mr. Amazing here (GABE) I do Again and I feel FANTASTIC! It took me a bit over 5 months to accomplish this goal but it was worth every second. Words can not express.

Sonia El. Newal

I went from 195 lbs – 145 lbs in just over 4 months!! I’m very happy with what Gabe has done to help me! Thank you GABE!! 

Frank Parrino

It was a bit different training with Gabe online being that we had always worked together when he was here in CA. I have to say the outcome is still pretty dope! I’m currently at 186 lbs down from 204 lbs when I started. My next goal is to be 200 pounds with my body fat percentage in the single digits! I’m focused and excited. Gabe – Luv you brah!

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